These days there is no media that reaches everybody. Now that we can all share and spread messages, the role of advertising is changing significantly. In an age when marketing is become more complex, there is one other thing that Japanese people have not noticed. This is that there is no more chaotic market than Japan, which has evolved in its own unique way in the world.


Japan’s unique values have formed its people, media, stories, brands, and data. Through their complex combination, a chaotic market has arisen. To get a complete picture of, or "hack", this market, we need to grasp the major waves that move society. The key to this lies in the infinite cultures of Japan. There are no people, brands or companies that are unconnected to culture.


Finding new connections between brands and cultures. In the world’s most chaotic market, we connect brands with cultures to move a variety of targets. This is quaras’s core method. Our method is not limited to Japan. The whole world is made up of cultures. When brands go global, creating connections with culture has great significance.

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