Quaras renews corporate identity aiming at creating new value and services.

Quarus Inc. (HQ: Shinagawa, Tokyo, President/CEO: Yukio Matsushita, hereinafter referred to as Quaras) an affiliated company of Fuji Media Holdings, a full service advertising agency, renewed the CI (Corporate Identity) aiming at creating new values and services beyond the realm of advertising, in line with formulating a new corporate philosophy. Based on the new corporate identity, a new visual identity, slogan and corporate website were introduced from May 1, 2020.

The company has provided high quality services to our diverse clients since its foundation in 2007. As an affiliated advertising agency of Fuji Media Holdings, however, we are expected to be more flexible amid the ever changing society and business environment in the VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) world we live in, which is also unclear and uncertain. Therefore, to ensure that Quaras is a company that can continue to provide highly original and creative work, we took this opportunity to renew our corporate identity with the aim of providing further value and services to our customers and stakeholders.

The following is the renewed corporate identity:

・Formulated new corporate philosophy (Oct. 2019)

・Changed in company logo and visual identity.

・Established Code of Conduct applied to all Quaras employees.

・Set a new slogan clearly expressing our corporate philosophy.

・Renewed the corporate website.

By positioning the renewed corporate identity as a turning point, we will move beyond our core business, advertisement-based communication, and aggressively branch out into new fields with great promise in the new era with a timeline set for our 20th anniversary in 2027. In order to do this, we will proactively strengthen our organization, aiming to be a flexible and highly creative company.