Information Security Initiatives

  • Principles of our information security

    We effectively utilize the valuable information we collect from our customers to provide them with advertising and other communication services. The information assets which we handle are the source of our business activities and the information security initiatives such as confidentiality, availability and ensuring the integrity of these information assets are a vital part of our business infrastructure for building relationships of trust with our customers.
    Furthermore, as a member of Fuji Media Holdings, Inc., we are in a position to comply with regulatory requirements and contractual security obligations, strive to ensure compliance, and fulfill the responsibilities required by customers and society.
    Considering the importance of such information security, we have built an Information Security Management System (ISMS) complying with ISO27001, the international standard, and promote measures to respond to information security risks.

    「ISO27001」Certification Registration
    IS 559001 / ISO27001
  • Basic Information Security Policy
    1. We promote company-wide initiatives regarding information security to fulfill our responsibilities required by our customers and society.
    2. We engage in ISMS initiatives company-wide by organizing an information security committee made up of each department representative.
    3. We comply with the various guidelines, laws, regulations and contractual requirements and enhance security education/training and awareness for all of our executives and employees (including subcontracting company employees).
    4. We strive to maintain business by formulating a business continuity plan in the event of emergencies caused by disasters, accidents, etc.
    5. We strictly punish those who violate our Basic Information Security Policy.
    6. Should an information security incident occur, we will immediately investigate the cause, take measures and prevent recurrence.
    7. All executives and employees (including subcontracting company employees) understand their roles regarding information security and fulfill their responsibility of maintaining the effectiveness of ISMS.
    8. Rules regarding ISMS at our company have been established as an internal regulations and shall be maintained.

    Established on April 1, 2010
    Yukio Matsushita
    President and Representative Director
    Quaras Inc.

Handling of Personal Information

  • Privacy Policy
    1. Our Company clarifies the purpose of the acquired, use and provision of personal information to all customers and employees and the information will not be used or provided for any other purpose.
    2. Our Company securely and accurately manages personal information, and strives to prevent and rectify any unauthorized access to personal information, destruction, leakage and falsification, etc.
    3. Our Company will build and operate an Information Security Management System (ISMS) under the laws on the Protection of Personal Information, the Japan Advertising Agencies Association’s “Personal Information Handbook”, comply with laws of personal information and national guidelines and observe other criteria in order to be compliant with the ISO/IEC 27001 international standard (Japan Industry Standard JIS Q 27001).
    4. Our Company will thoroughly communicate to our executives and employees regarding the management system for protection of personal information to our executives and employee. Furthermore, reviews will be implemented appropriately while referring to the results of revisions to laws and regulations and regular internal audits as we strive for continuous improvement.
    5. Our Company will respect individual rights regarding personal information or our customers and employees etc., and if requested, disclose, correct, or delete individual personal information without delay.

    Established on January 1, 2008
    Revised on May 1, 2010
    Yukio Matsushita
    President and Representative Director
    Quaras Inc.

  • Purpose of Use of Personal Information

    Our Company will use the personal information obtained through business entrusted to us by our customers or the personal information obtained by the Company itself within the scope necessary to achieve the following business and purpose of use. It will not be used for any other purpose. In addition, information will not be outsourced for processing to any third party without the customer’s consent.

    Personal Information Regarding Customers
    1. Advertising Agency
    2. Planning, production and implementation of various events
    3. Stage production including composition and direction
    4. Planning and production of premiums associated with sales promotion events, etc.
    5. Developing artists regarding media measures and promotion services
    6. Promotion work regarding music, video and concerts etc.
    7. Independent performances such as concerts and business operations
    8. Internet business
    9. Marketing research
    10. Mailing / call center business
      Inquiries and consultation regarding the above items
    11. Other inquiries and consultation
    12. Fulfillment of contracts
    13. Sale of goods and associated delivery business
    Personal Information on Government Officials and Public Servants
    1. Necessary communication / reports / inquiries to the competent authorities
    Personal Information Regarding Business Partners, Other Company Executives and Employees
    1. Necessary contacts / negotiations for business
    2. Information management, payments and income procedures of business partners
    Personal Information Regarding Recruitment Applicants
    1. Provisions and contact of employment information etc. regarding recruitment applicants
    2. Recruitment management at our Company
    Personal Information Acquired for Employment
    1. Regarding employment management of employees
    Personal Information of Shareholders
    1. Necessary contact information for business
    2. Management of shareholders information
  • Inquiries Regarding Personal Information

    Please contact the following if you have any inquiries regarding handling of personal information:

    Personal Information Inquiry Desk
    Business Planning Division, Business Planning Department
    Quaras Inc.
    For Inquiries:

Handling of Specific Personal Information

  • Basic Policy Regarding Proper Handling of Specific Personal Information

    Our Company sets a basic policy as an organization to ensure the proper handling of Specific Personal Information and Personal Numbers (“Specific Personal Information etc.”) in accordance with the Act on the Use of Numbers to Identify a Specific Individual in Administrative Procedures (My Number Act).

    1. Business Name

      Quaras Inc.

    2. Compliance with Related Laws, Regulations and Guidelines

      Our company complies with the My Numbers Act, Act on the Protection of Personal Information and Guidelines for the Proper Handling of
      Specific Personal Information (for business operators) with regard to the proper handling of Specific Personal Information, etc.

    3. Matters Related to Safe Management Measures

      In order to prevent the unauthorized disclosure, loss or damage of Specific Personal Information, etc. and to ensure the appropriate management of
      personal identification numbers, our Company has established separate Regulations for the Handling of Personal Numbers and Specific Personal
      Information, and complies with this.

    4. Inquiries

      Please address inquiries or complaints regarding our Company’s handling of Specific Personal Information as follows:

    Contact for our Executives and Employees
    Division in Charge: HR Division, Human Resources and General Affairs Dept.
    Company Name: Quaras Inc.

    Personal Contact other than our Executives and Employees
    Division in Charge: Accounting Division, Corporate Planning Dept.
    Company Name: Quaras Inc.

    Established on October 1, 2015
    Yukio Matsushita
    President and Representative Director
    Quaras Inc.