SEGA's Global Visual Identity "Amazing SEGA"

About Works

SEGA's renewed globally unified unique visual identity "Amazing SEGA" represents gamers' "wow" moments through sounds and images. What grabbed our attention was the part of gamers' bodies that always reacts first when they are moved and excited: the eyes. Eye muscles are the most active muscle group in our body. We used a special device to record the vital reaction of a gamer's eye so that we captured the moment the gamer reacted most while playing a game. That moment, the player's "wow" experience, was used as SEGA's new visual identity, the first of its kind in the world.




Planning and Production: SEGA GROUP + Quaras + robot + WOW
General Producer: Toshihiro Nagoshi / ECD+CD+CW: Kazuya Okabayashi/ CD+AD: Takuichi Sumita / AD: Masahide Haruna/ Project Producers: Hiroyuki Miyazaki, Takayoshi Ouchi, Koji Mitake, Yuito Nagata, Takamasa Yasuda/ Director: Taihei Shibata (WOW) / Producer: Masahiro Shoda/ L: HIGASIX /Sound Design: evala /Programmer: Akihito Matsumoto / CG Producer: Yasuaki Matsui / Compositor: Toshiro Kato /MA. : Osamu Kobayashi / Casting: Kenichi Tsutsumi / Talent:Gabriel C / Producer: Fumikazu Matsubara / PM: Tsuyoshi Daimon (ROBOT)