About Works

Attesa is a watch made with Citizen’s proprietary material, super titanium™️. This lightweight and highly durable material is scheduled to be used in the world’s first commercial lunar exploration program, HAKUTO-R. This is both proof of Citizen's engineering expertise and a sign of its strong commitment to support any challenge of humanity.
No matter where humankind explores in space, Attesa will keep time on our wrists to support us as we take on the unknown. The TVC “THE CONTACT” portrays the timepiece's highly original presence.
The overall communication scheme was designed to provide a consistent story across all communication channels including Citizen’s website and storefronts by creating a symbolic world view of Attesa through this TVC.


Citizen Watch Co., Ltd.


ECD: Kazuya Okabayashi / AD: Masahide Haruna / CW: Kanade Sakurai / AE: Koji Mitake, Daisuke Aizu, Tomohiro Arai, Natsuko Arai/ Producer: Satoshi Takahashi / Dir: Tao Tajima / PM: Kohei Miyasato, Yusuke Tamura/ Video Production: NION / CG Production: Onesal / Space Suit Design: Masanori Morikawa / Music Production: Black Cat White Cat Music / Music Supervisor: Seiya Matsumiya / Composer: Dimitris Mann / Sound Effect: Dimitris Mann / Post Production: CUTTERS STUDIOS / Cutdown: Freddy Capogreco / Color-grading: Toshiki Kamei / Finish Editor: Yusaku Yasuda / Post Production Assistant: Karol Kaczorowski, Lemon Kuwabara