We Aim To Be An Ethical Corporation

We strive to create high quality business with a high sense of ethics and social responsibility.

Each and every one of our employees will take the initiative with a high sense of engagement to achieve our corporate goals.

We will always be aware of honoring the nine principles of our Code of Conduct when taking action to become a company that is sincere, fair and trustworthy.

Code of Conduct

  • Partnership
    1. We pursue and deliver strong partnership by executing fair transaction and handling information with the utmost confidentiality to gain our clients’ trust.
    2. All employees will work together as one to ensure that we continue to provide high-quality services that exceed expectations through strong partnerships with our clients.
    3. We will strive to solve various problems and issues without forgetting to contribute to society and the people involved and seek to generate profit.
  • Human Rights
    / Ecology
    1. We understand gender and diversity correctly and comply with all human rights
    2. We will respect each other’s personality and individuality, grow together and promote health and safety, as well as create a comfortable and rewarding work environment
    3. All employees have a high level of environmental awareness and take actions which will not impact the environment.
  • Moral
    1. We carry out corporate activities in compliance with laws and social rules.
    2. We always conduct proper transactions not only with clients but also with all cooperating companies and individuals.
    3. We will not be involved in antisocial forces nor engage in antisocial behavior.